The Grierson Awards 2019

Can’t quite believe it, but Siân: Portrait of a Photographer has been officially nominated for Best Student Documentary by The Grierson Awards 2019! The awards ceremony is taking place November 14th at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Its been nearly a year since we released the film, and it has since been selected by 6 film festival, and has won 2 awards. So grateful for the support this project has received.




I’ve been spending a lot of time working with a group of third year students on their grad film, Gerasco, which is shaping up to be very worthwhile. Its been a great insight into producing and the logistical side of production, which will definitely inform my practice as a director. Knee-deep in a lot of different projects at the moment, so hopefully I’ll be able to share some finished films soon!

London International Student Film Festival

The London International Student Film Festival have selected Siân: Portrait of a Photographer for its final competition on April 11th at the Close-Up Cinema in Shoreditch. This is the film’s first festival so super exciting stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m also helping co-produce a third year film which is proving to be a good insight into the logistics of film production and all that legal malarky. Also working on a short script I’m aiming to shoot in my spare time around May, so got lots going on. Roll on Summer.


The British Journal of Photography

I finally got round to setting up a website for my work, so its great to have somewhere to put everything. In other news, The British Journal of Photography took an interest in Siân: Portrait of a Photographer and decided to write a little editorial on the project; it’s so great to have it seen by audiences outside of my social bubble (link below). The film has been sent off to several UK film festivals, so hopefully I’ll hear back from a few soon. Putting my head down for university projects until the summer, but hope to have something else in the works soon.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 20.20.41.png